Here are some testimonials from our shipwreck divers!
Hands down the friendliest, most knowledgeable crew that I have dived with in local

waters. No attitudes, No knuckleheads.

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Some of my best dive experiences have been off of the Nordic Diver. Great time is always had by all and if your not careful you may just make a new friend or two.
Bob Deel
"I love diving with Bill and his crew.  Bill has a very comfortable setup for technical divers!"
Anne (from Chicago)

Bill Prince and Nordic Diver are the BEST and the hot chocolate after my 55 minute deco's aren't to be taken for granted! 

I've dove with Bill many times over the years.  Back when I was a beginner, he made it easy for me to get involved with wreck diving, showing me the ropes and making me feel comfortable because of his expertise.  Over time, wreck diving has become my favorite hobby.  I really can't get enough, and I owe it all to Bill Prince.  Simply the best dive service I've ever been on, and I've been on quite a few now.  Five out of five stars. 

"Bill Prince, gentleman , master diver, historian, explorer and all around great guy operates the safest and most diver friendly charter on the lake." 

Spacious, comfortable boat, in water oxygen for technical dives, and dive sites most charter boats just talk about.
Bob E

A well run charter operation and extremely accommodating to tech divers. Thanks Bill!
Pinckney, Michigan
If you are qualified to dive it, the Nordic Diver will get you there.  You won't find better on the Great Lakes.
Tom Doubleday

Capt. Bill Prince,
Sir, this email is long overdue but if you remember Sammy and I (the bald cop) came up from Alabama and dove from your boat last October.  I would like to extend my most sincere gratitute to you for making us feel welcome and letting us stay on your boat.  Your hospitality was just superior.  I have told every diver down here of your going above and beyond to make us feel welcome and I would recommend your charters to anyone.  Thank you again, you are a diver and a gentleman.  I wish you only the best for the future. Sincerely, Robert XXXXXX     03/15/06

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