In memory of Captain Bill Prince
This website is being maintain as both as resource for divers and in memory of how Bill Prince assisted this industry and so many divers! - If anyone would like to have their movie posted, please email using the sites address.


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Welcome Aboard
Nordic Diver & Molly V
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The Molly V is running with a new owner!
Click here for the schedule of dive trips!

Click here for a new interior Shipwreck Movie of the Car Ferry Milwaukee

Nordic Diver
The Nordic Diver is a 32 foot 1989 Bayliner Fly Bridge Motor Yacht. She has 18 knot cruising capability and is completely outfitted for Great Lakes Diving. Including swim platform, diver friendly ladder and onboard compressor. She is all fiberglass and sleeps six plus crew. Full head & hot shower, galley with stove & oven & microwave & refrigerator, stateroom, vee berth and salon.  Full service air station onboard. 660 cuft of oxygen onboard and dropped to 20 feet for technical decompression.

Molly V
The Molly V is a 28 ft all Aluminum Marinette Custom Dive Boat. Top speed 30 mph - fully loaded with divers 20 mph. It has a custom aluminum platform & Dive ladder and a huge walk thru transom. Completely outfitted for sidescanning and technical diving in Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Superior. She is both USCG & Michigan DNR inspected !

These vessels are perfect for Great Lakes Shipwreck Diving and Exploration.  We specialize not only in Scuba diving (Open Circuit), but we are "CCR" rebreather friendly too.
Look at the choice of locations, the variety of diving experiences, but most of all consider the quality of wreck diving you will experience aboard the "Nordic Diver"! We believe that no one else can bring you the same quality of diving and charter services for live aboard, weekend, or for day trips anywhere on the Great Lakes. All certification levels welcome on board.  Training also available.

We offer dive trips from May through November. Home port is Milwaukee WI., in addition to this we offer trips originating from places like Manitowoc WI., Straits and Whitefish Pt & Lake Huron / Preque Isle, Carl D Bradley.

Technical Dive Charters

We welcome Technical & Tri mix Certified Wreck Divers and we can offer you better technical diving then anyone on the Great  Lakes. Look at the dives we make every season on wrecks like the Tennie & Laura 317 ffw, Carl D Bradley 368 ffw, Aurania 460 ffw. We are the leader when it comes to Technical Dives. With over 29 years of experience ! We also have thru transoms on both the Nordic Diver & Molly V so after that long deco time getting back
aboard the boat is easier ! We have a 8 cfm Mako compressor that travels with us too
and we offer continuous & partial pressure blending of Nitrox & Tri-Mix through our
Hyper filter.

 If your a Technical Diver, come experience new & more Challenging Wrecks !

Recreational Wreck Diving

We offer Sport Diving Trips from our home Port of Milwaukee WI. & we have a wide variety of Wrecks for every level of Diver to enjoy. Click on Sport Diving & see what we offer.

We Are The Best!  Click here for Testimonies

Now with walk Through Transom on both boats !

Captain Bill Prince has unexpectedly passed away Tuesday morning, May 20th in Lake Wazee. 

It is a tragedy.

Thank you all for the kind words and sympathies and sympathies to his family, and close friends. 

May he rest in peace.
Bill was laid to rest on Saturday, May 24th

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.
       –William Shedd

Captain Bill Prince will be missed by many, many people.  If a person's greatness is graded by how many people he has touched in their lives through his diving experience and his fierce friendships, then it has been proven that Captain Bill Prince
is a GREAT person!  

Bill will be remembered for his beliefs in diving, safety, friendship and love for discovery!  Bill's diving and the access to diving he has brought to so many people throughout the Midwest, and lately the World, will be missed!

Just in case you haven't heard..
We have lost a friend: Phil Patz
 on Thursday June 25th, 2009 while diving the "Tennie & Laura".

Phil will be missed by the many divers with his happy charm that affected all who he dove with.

Phil was always ready with quality advice when needed and always in a friendly manner.

His spirit and adventure will be remembered also I will also think of his signature greeting
"Happy "
when I think of Phil!

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